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Article: How to Rock High-Rise Mom Fit Jeans in Modern Ways

How to Rock High-Rise Mom Fit Jeans in Modern Ways
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How to Rock High-Rise Mom Fit Jeans in Modern Ways

Fashion trends keep switching up, but some styles are timeless and always awesome. One cool trend that's made a big comeback lately is the high-rise mom fit jeans.These jeans have a high waist and a comfy, relaxed fit. They're super comfy and can go with lots of different outfits. Every fashion-forward gal should totally have a pair!

Girl wearing high-rise mom fit jeans

6 ways to rock high-rise mom fit jeans

  • Try out the Comfy Vibe:

  • High-rise mom fit jeans are all about that comfy and loose style. They're different from the tight skinny jeans we've seen for ages. Rock the chill vibe by pairing your jeans with a cool graphic tee tucked in or a flowy top. This mix gives you a stylish and easygoing look, great for hanging out or getting stuff done.

    High-Rise Mom-fit jeans with comfy vibe

  • Mix it Up with Girly Touches:

  • Play around with the chill feel of mom jeans by adding girly stuff to your outfit. Try wearing your jeans with a flowy top that has pretty flowers or a soft lace blouse. Finish off the look with cute accessories like hoop earrings or a delicate necklace. This blend of boyish and girly stuff makes your outfit extra classy and cool.

    Girl wearing high-rise mom fit jeans with girly touches

  • Experiment with Crop Tops:

  • If you're rocking ripped mom jeans,it's awesome for trying out crop tops. When you wear crop tops with these jeans, like a short sweater, a tied-up tee, or a short camisole, your outfit gets a cool update.

    Girl wearing ripped mom jeans & crop top

  • Layer with Oversized Outerwear:

  • When it's chilly outside, you can still look awesome by layering your mom fit ripped jeans with big, comfy outerwear. Think about wearing a really big denim jacket, a thick knit cardigan, or a long coat. These coats don't just keep you cozy, they also make your outfit look super cool. Plus, mixing different sizes and layers adds a trendy touch to your look!

    Layer with Oversized Outerwear

  • Experiment with Shoe Choices:

  • You can try all sorts of shoes with high-rise mom fit jeans. If you want a chill style, go for sneakers or flat sandals. For a fancier vibe, pick ankle boots or block heels. And don't forget to roll up the jeans a bit at your ankles – it makes your outfit look even cooler!

    High rise mom-fit jean experimented with Shoe

  • Play with Accessories:

  • Accessories are like the magic touch that makes your outfit pop. When you're putting together your high-rise mom fit jeans look, think about adding a cool big hat, a standout belt, or a structured bag. These extra bits don't just make your outfit look interesting, they also let you show off your personal style.

    high-rise mom fit jeans with black t-shirt & combined with Accessories

Get Ready to Slay in Mom Jeans!

Mom jeans are like the superstars of your wardrobe – comfy and they fit with everything cool today. You can mix and match using these tips and try different things to make your jeans look awesome and trendy.

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