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Article: 17 Different Types Of Jeans For Women To Wear

different types of jeans for women

17 Different Types Of Jeans For Women To Wear

Types of jeans for women have undergone a transformation in 2024, reflecting the dynamic nature of fashion trends. There are lots of different types of jeans available now, so women have more options than ever to find the perfect pair. From timeless classics to trendy newcomers, the variety is astounding. Whether you're a fan of skinny jeans or prefer the relaxed vibe of wide-leg cuts, there's something for everyone.

High-waisted jeans continue to reign supreme, offering both style and comfort in equal measure. Meanwhile, vintage-inspired options like mom jeans and distressed denim remain popular for their effortlessly cool aesthetic. Additionally, cropped jeans provide a modern twist, perfect for showcasing your favorite footwear. As fashion evolves, so too do the options for denim lovers, making it easier than ever to find jeans that perfectly complement your personal style.

In this blog, we'll explore 18 different types of jeans for women, highlighting the key features and styling tips for each. Whether you're looking to refresh your jeans collection  or simply curious about the latest trends, join us on this denim journey.

17 different types of jeans for women 

1. Skinny Jeans

dark blue skinny jeans


Types of female jeans, specifically skinny jeans, are slim-fitting pants that hug the legs tightly from the waist down to the ankles. In 2024, they remain a popular choice due to their sleek and stylish appearance. Recent trends include a focus on sustainability with eco-friendly materials, stretch fabrics for added comfort, and distressed styles featuring ripped details for an edgy look. High-waisted skinny jeans are also trending because they offer a flattering fit that accentuates the waistline.  

2. Boyfriend Jeans

relaxed fit jeans

Jeans type ladies, such as boyfriend jeans, offer a relaxed and casual alternative to skinny jeans. Boyfriend jeans are known for their loose and comfortable fit, reminiscent of wearing your partner's jeans. In 2024, they remain a popular choice for women seeking a laid-back yet stylish look. These jeans typically feature a slightly oversized fit with a straight or tapered leg, making them perfect for everyday wear.

3. Bootcut Jeans

bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans are pants that fit snugly through the thighs and flare out slightly from the knees down, making them perfect for wearing with boots. In 2024, these jeans are making a comeback. People like them because they give a balanced look with a fitted waist and a bit of flare at the bottom. They're comfy and trendy. 

4. Flare Jeans

flare jeans

Flare jeans are pants that start tight around your thighs and then widen out from the knees down, giving them a flared shape. They're like bell-bottoms but not as extreme. In 2024, flare jeans are cool again. People are wearing them with all sorts of tops, from tight T-shirts to flowy blouses. Some flare jeans have cool designs on them, like stripes or patterns. 

5. High-Waisted Jeans

high waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans are pants with a waistband that sits higher up on the waist, above the belly button. They're known for their flattering fit and can make your legs look longer. In 2024, high-waisted jeans are still trendy. People are making them with stretchy material so they're comfy to wear. Some have cool details like rips or faded spots for a stylish look. High-waisted jeans come in different colors, but classic denim shades like blue and black are still popular.

6. Mom fit Jeans  

mom fit jeans

Mom fit jeans are a style of denim pants that are loose-fitting around the hips and thighs and have a high waist. They're called "mom fit" because they resemble the jeans that were popular with moms in the 90s. In 2024, mom fit jeans are still trendy. People are making them with more sustainable materials, which means they're better for the environment. Some mom fit jeans also have stretchy fabric, so they're comfortable to wear all day.

7. Straight Leg Jeans 

straight fit jeans

Straight leg jeans are pants that have a straight cut from the waist down to the ankles, without tapering or flaring. They're a classic style that's simple and versatile. In 2024, straight leg jeans are still popular because they're comfy and easy to wear. One trend with straight leg jeans is sustainability, meaning they're made in a way that's good for the environment. Another trend is stretchy fabric, which makes the jeans even more comfortable to move around in. 

8. Cropped Jeans 

cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are pants that are shorter in length, usually ending above the ankle or mid-calf. They're like regular jeans but cut to show off more of your lower legs. In 2024, cropped jeans are still in style. They're popular because they're comfortable and can be worn in different ways. Some trends with cropped jeans this year include adding frayed edges or distressing for a cool, casual look. You might also see them with wide legs or straight cuts, offering more variety in how they fit. High-waisted cropped jeans are trendy too, as they make your legs look longer and your waistline look smaller. 

9. Wide Leg Jeans

wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans are pants made of denim that are roomy and loose-fitting all the way down from the waist to the ankles. They have a wide opening at the bottom, which gives them their name. In 2024, wide leg jeans are trendy again. People like them because they're comfortable and have a relaxed, cool look. Some wide leg jeans also have stretchy fabric, so they're comfy to wear all day. Another trend is to add fun details like big pockets or interesting stitching to make them stand out. High-waisted wide leg jeans are also popular, sitting higher on the waist to give a flattering shape. 

10. Distressed Jeans

distressed jeans

Distressed jeans are jeans that look like they've been worn for a while and have some intentional rips, tears, or faded spots. They give off a cool and relaxed vibe. In 2024, distressed jeans are still trendy. They might have stretchy fabric, so they're really comfy to wear. Some have small rips or holes, while others have bigger tears for a more dramatic look. You might also see distressed jeans with faded spots or frayed edges, which adds to their casual style. 

11. Embroidered Jeans

embroidered jeans

Embroidered jeans are denim pants that have colorful or decorative stitching added to them. This stitching can create patterns, designs, or even pictures on the jeans. In 2024, embroidered jeans are still popular because they add a fun and unique touch to outfits. Some trendy styles of embroidered jeans include floral patterns, geometric designs, or even cartoon characters. 

12. Patchwork Jeans

patchwork jeans

Patchwork jeans are jeans that have different pieces of fabric sewn together, creating a patchwork design. They can have patches of different colors, patterns, or textures, giving them a unique and playful look. In 2024, patchwork jeans are trendy because they add a fun and eclectic vibe to outfits. They're a popular choice for those who want to stand out and express their individuality through their clothing. 

13. Cargo Jeans

cargo jeans

Cargo jeans are pants made of denim fabric, but they have extra pockets sewn onto the legs, similar to cargo pants. These extra pockets are useful for carrying small items like keys or a phone. In 2024, cargo jeans are becoming trendy again. They're popular because they add a cool and casual vibe to outfits. Some cargo jeans have stretchy fabric, making them comfortable to wear for activities like walking or running. 

14. Skinny Flare Jeans

skinny flare jeans

Skinny flare jeans are pants that fit tightly around the thighs and knees but flare out slightly at the ankles. They're like skinny jeans but with a bit of a flare at the bottom. In 2024, skinny flare jeans are trendy because they give a cool retro look. Some new things happening with skinny flare jeans include using stretchy fabric, so they're super comfy to wear. You might also find them in fun colors or with different patterns. Some have distressed details like rips or frayed edges, which gives them a stylish and edgy vibe. 

15. Jegging Jeans

jegging jeans

Jegging jeans are super stretchy pants that look like jeans but feel as comfy as leggings. They're a mix between jeans and leggings, giving you the best of both worlds. In 2024, jegging jeans are still really popular. People love them because they're so comfy to wear all day long. One trend with jegging jeans is that they come in lots of different colors and patterns now, not just the usual denim colors. 

16. Ankle-Length Jeans 

Ankle Length Jeans

Ankle-length jeans are pants that stop right at or slightly above your ankle. They're shorter than regular jeans, but longer than shorts. In 2024, ankle-length jeans are trendy because they're versatile and look good with many different shoes. People are wearing them in all sorts of colors and patterns, like bright colors or cool designs. Some ankle-length jeans also have special features, like stretchy fabric for extra comfort, or distressed details for a cool, worn-in look.

17. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are pants with holes or tears intentionally made in the fabric. They give off a cool and edgy vibe. In 2024, ripped jeans are still trendy. People like them because they add a bit of attitude to outfits. Some trends with ripped jeans this year include making them more environmentally friendly, using materials that are better for the planet. They're also being made with stretchy fabric so they're more comfortable to wear. Another thing that's popular is to have just a few rips in strategic places, rather than all over the jeans. 

In conclusion, there are countless types of jeans for women to choose from, each offering its own unique style and flair. Whether you prefer classic silhouettes like skinny jeans and bootcut jeans or more trend-forward styles like mom jeans and cargo jeans, there's a perfect pair of jeans out there for everyone. By staying informed on the latest trends and experimenting with different styles, you can create effortlessly chic outfits that reflect your personal style and individuality. So go ahead, explore the world of denim and find the perfect jeans to elevate your wardrobe in 2024 and beyond.

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